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Posted: 06-27-2018

Premier Camping for Bass Canyon is Now Sold Out

Premier Camping for Bass Canyon is Sold Out! Now’s the time to explore the remaining camping options before it’s too late.  

Choosing the right campsite for an immense, 3-day festival is key for comfort and longevity. With Premier Camping now filled, that leaves Standard, Easy Tent-Ready, and Terrace Camping. GA includes the essentials, but Terrace has the most luxury, scenery, and security that the Gorge has to offer.

Standard Camping is an affordable option for those who just want the basics. You can camp with one vehicle per camping pass, and have access to portable toilets, washing stations, $3 showers, and shops in the central Pivot area. Keep in mind, this camping area is known for being the loudest and most crowded. Upon choosing this camp ground, it is advised to either lock up any valuables or leave them at home.

Easy Tent-Ready Camping is a deluxe option for those who don’t want the hassle of camping gear. Each Easy Campsite accommodates a maximum of two people, and includes a full, pre-built campsite with gear that you can take home with you after the festival. Easy Campers also have access to shared propane grills, portable toilets, washing stations, and showers for a small fee. Since Easy Camping has no space for vehicles, Campers must park a short distance away from their campsite.

Terrace Camping will for sure be the next site to fill up. It offers by far the most comfortable and luxurious camping experience at the Gorge. It’s the closest campsite to the Amphitheater, which allows for easy access to the festival grounds, as well as breathtaking views of the Columbia River Gorge. It is also the quietest and most private of all the camping areas.

Terrace is securely nestled right between the Amphitheater and Premier Camping. Access is restricted only to Terrace Camping pass holders for increased security. In addition to the free private shuttle service to and from the venue, Terrace Campers also have access to potable water, free showers, concierge services, and private flushing toilets. Those in Terrace not only wake up to spectacular views of the Gorge, but also free coffee and pastries in the morning! A Terrace Camping pass accommodates 6 guests, who can choose to split the cost of its well-deserved price accordingly.

Keep in mind that every campsite has access to Standard Camping and the portable toilets therein, as well as The Pivot for all paid showers, general stores, and shops in the main vendor area.

See Camping for more details on pricing and rules for camping at the Gorge.

Photo Credit: Parallax Photos

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