Apply to become a Bass Canyon volunteer now for your chance to work, spread good vibes throughout the festival and earn GA Admission!

We are looking for volunteers who are hard working, well spoken and carry themselves professionally as members of the Bass Canyon team. You will be on the front lines of the festival, so your smiles and helpful attitudes will make all the difference to your fellow headbangers.

1.) Send in your application
2.) We will respond within 1 week to let you know if you’ve been accepted
3.) Send Volunteer Deposit of $175 via PayPal
4.) Complete at least 3 scheduled 6-hour work shifts at Bass Canyon
5.) Receive your Volunteer Deposit back in full minus $25 non-refundable processing fee

Volunteer Teams

Hydration Team – Post up in front of the rails of the Paradox and help distribute water to thirsty headbangers. Don’t forget your earplugs!

Info Booth – Join Live Nation staff in assisting your fellow headbangers with festival information. Having extensive knowledge of the venue is a big plus!

Good Vibes Team – Roam the festival looking for people who may need help, and spread good vibes by providing helpful information where it’s needed.

Festival Gate Greeters – Dish out hi-fives and smiles as people walk into the Gorge each day!

Volunteer Processing – Help us get volunteers checked in and posted up in the right places at the right times.